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3 - boot to the head

evilgrins in dreamscape_talk

Fight Club, in transition

As I've pointed out before, here or there, falling asleep with the lights on doesn't work well for my dreaming experience. Or sleep for that matter. Basically I wake feeling not fully rested (even if I got 8 hours of sleep) and my dream recall isn't so great.

I'm a lucid dreamer, so I usually remember my dreams and I'm aware when I'm asleep and still can control what I do while snoozing.

A bit fuzzy on the before bit, and I remember the final bit... though how what I do remember led to that I've got no clue. Mainly what I remember is this bit where I'm floating over a prehistoric riverbed, while a voice (kinda that voice you hear in educational discussions) described what I was viewing. In the middle of the river, on its side, was this ginormous dino-alligator.

I was dropped off in front of the thing, which seemed to be sleeping on its side... and my first thought, "Why the Hell was I left here?"

Started running to get some distance, the alligator woke up and started swimming after me, which seemed real as there wasn't any water in the riverbed when this started. I'm going through fairly heavy underbrush when I suddenly remembered I was dreaming, so why the heck was I running?

I turned around and kicked the thing in the mouth. Even though it had been huge when I first saw it, it was now shrunk down considerably, though still fairly huge. Was followed was a series of my kicking and punching the thing, it wiggling around trying to get a good shot at biting me, and tis went on for what felt like 5 minutes...

...and then I was suddenly in a 70's style house, the gator was this weird guy trying on hats, and I was only there for about 4 minutes before I woke up.