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Nov. 18th, 2009

so very wrong


kinda cool, kinda odd

1:16 AM 11/18/09 · As mentioned a few times before, I have a re·occuring problem when it comes to sex dreams. That being I tend to wake up from them almost immediately before much of anything happens. Enough to know what was about to happen and then be awake to curse the ceiling.

Decided design flaw!

Of the host of dreams I've had over the past week I haven't been remembering most of them as I've run into another problem I have from time to time; falling asleep with the lights on and fully dressed. It's comfortable, though never done on purpose, but something about it interrupts my lucid dreaming. I can recall dreaming, recall being aware I was dreaming, but not actually recall what happened...

...closest I got was waking and remembering but by the time I got to the keyboard it was gone.

So, the other day I got to bed normally and woke correctly. Most of teh night was a blur but what stuck with me was what happened just before I awoke. A woman screwing something under the bed. She wasn't but whatever was going at her was under there and she was getting it doggiestyle position but laying on her side. She sees me watching her and stops with whatever that was (monster under the bed got game) and comes up to me. She leans in and kisses me and I kiss her back and we drift to the couch.

She was fully naked when I saw her but suddenly she's got a tshirt and panties on. Now not much of anything happened, in the dream, other than we were kissing and grinding and I had her shirt pulled to her neck so I could work her nipples with me mouth. At some point we're sitting. me up and her on my lap facing me, and I asked her name.

She said "Call".

I remarked that was an odd name. Asked her last and she said "Girl".

Yeah, her name was Call Girl. Not in a professional sense, her parents had a wicked sense of humor.

I woke up from there and continued from where that left off, no details for you, but the dream stuck with me as she was hands down on of the lovliest women I can ever remember seeing. Vague hope, even though it didn't feel like one of 'those' dreams, I kept an eye open for her when I went job hunting but no such luck.

Nov. 4th, 2009

Zombies - Marvel Zombieverse


had a zombie dream last night...

...and it woke me up.

Not quite a nightmare, it didn't get to that point, but it was heading there. Sleepy, barely awake me stumbled around for a bit still operating as if that were the reality, it being pitch black I was nervous at every sound, and I had this one nervous thought.

I'm safe so long as I don't go outside!

Along with whoever is currently living in your house with you, how long do you think you can survive with the amount of food and water that you currently possess?

Oct. 28th, 2009

we are not amused


Halloween specific

1:30 AM 10/28/09 · The bunch of us were travelling through icy seas to deliver our friend to his final resting place. We were a large navy crew of 5 and we braved harsh seas to bury our friend on a cold desolate island.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

Somehow or other the way back involved going through a large twisty cave, where a friend of ours was guarding the entrance. A little unclear how he got there considering we didn't come in thay way...but not important. More confusing is I somehow became this guy and there as something weird going on. Seeing of shadows of things not there. I ventured out a bit to figure what was going on when I detected movement behind me and then it was upon me.

I fought hard and it may've come out about even but I still think I ultimately lost...

...cuz I woke up and I was very cold.

Stupid ghost. Can't let a guy sleep in peace!

Sep. 30th, 2009

sleepy times


since I'm awake now anyway

3:54 AM 9/30/09 · Wazs working as part of a fairly inept bureau who apparently deals with alien or other·dimensional incursions. There was a bit of fluff on the floor that reacted to vibration, reacted by changing shape and chemical composition, for example.

Head of our business was that bungler that was in charge of that agency in Hellboy films.

Anyway, something got sprayed on my thumb...or I brushed something it had been on. Thumb was gradually rotting, just a slowly exampanding circle on the side. Got some cleanser for it, neutralizing agent, but it still stung. Hell, I woke up and it still stings even now.

I hate after effects.

Theory from before conciousness, some bumfuck hillbilly with environment issues took the creature, which was probably not sentient, and shipped it off to their kin. TRying to protect it from the evil govenrment types. Problem is it's toxic in a flesh devouring toxin sorta way so it's probably going to inadvertanly reak havok long before we would've tracked it down.

Sep. 29th, 2009

ello Mistuh Bwand


got a regular bushel

1) A strange one involving NemesisDKtm. We were...somewhere. Small room with doors, apparently, on either end. I was topless, she pulled her top off. We came together grinding and biting, mostly on each other's shoulders and necks. Then the doors on either end of the room open and in walks her father and her little sister, so we stopped and stood apart from each other.

The strange part? NemesisDKtm doesn't have a little sister.

2) Living in an odd apartment complex at the End of the World. Outside of my unit on a shelf is something that looks oddly like a koala bear but with a long prehensile tail. It's constantly shifting, both it's position and parts of its form, and just the one time regards with me with a rather fixated expression thru one really large eye.

It's muzzle is undeveloped.

Seems to have a younger version of itself on its left shoulder.

Moving to the main section, center of the complex, there's a lot of my fwllow tenants about a large table. I go over to see what they're doing but am distracted by one of the tenants next to me, a 5½ foot tall penguin who is unusually fluffy. It keeps nudging me in the ribs and giving me a very knwoing expression.

In the dreamscape I know what it's going on about but in the waking world?

Not a clue.

I keep poking it back and it keeps tapping me with that odd smile.
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Sep. 21st, 2009

The love of my life



I had this dream last night and it really freaked me out so i wanted to write it down some place. Im warning that its kinda sick.

I was living with my old roomie and her boyfriend(her boyfriend in real life is kinda scary) I guess in the dream i was psychic? but i would have visions and they would come true.
I started having visions of my roomie and her boyfriend sacraficing people. So i went down stairs and i looked out the windown and i saw them with a little kid taking his eyes out with a knife. I freaked out and then appeared another girl(?) she was my friend in the dream. I was like "omg we cant let them know we know theyll come after us"
I had another vision that they were starving my dogs and feeding the bodies to them.
Then i was in the shower getting out and my roomies boyfriend comes in with a bag and hes like "smell it"
and im like "i dont smell anything..." and he puts the bag closer to my face and i smelled blood. I didnt say anything and hes like "its blood" then leaves. I remember looking out the window and hes walking towards my dogs. As i was walking back i had another vision that they were going to come after me and i wasnt going to make it. I remember thinking what the hell am i going to do? how are they going to kill me? I was upstairs in my room and i heard them say they were coming up and i knew what they were going to do. I then jumped out the window and i turned into my friend and saw myself getting away. I remember thinking im going to have to jump again and i went to jump but somehow got stopped and my old self came back to help me get away.
We were wondering on the streets and i remember knowing that they were coming after us knowing that we just jumped out of a building and werent in the best of shape.
their now was another person with them another guy. We realized that it was either kill them or they will kill us.
We started following them and waiting for the right time. We got my roomies boyfriend alone(some how) and he had all his knifes with him that he used on the other people. I took one of the knifes and he started screaming saying his gf is going to come back. I remember saying to him "go ahead scream she wont come for you..." and then put a knife in him.
I then went after my roomie and the other guy and she looked back and saw us and i then some how had my dogs and i let them off the leash and they ended up chasing her and attacking her. I was standing there watching and then woke up...

This dream scared the hell out of me soooo bad. I dont even know what to make of it...

Sep. 18th, 2009



some things don't lend themselves to interpretation

8:44 AM 9/18/09 · As in a lot of my dreams, this took place in the room I largely grew up in as a kid. Same basic layout and color, at least at the beginning. Beyond that, things got a little weird.

It was one of those dreams where the perspectives kept changing. From watching something on TV to it actually taking place in the room to it being back on the screen. Specifically a giant monster destroying a city suddenly popping up in my room. Not as big, obviously, but still fairly huge as it was very pressed in between the floow and the ceiling. Storming around and terrorizing the room and its contents.

I was vaguely aware of not being alone in the room but I never quite got a bead on who was there with me, outside of the beast. Think I knew during the dream.

The monster gets into the corner by my shelf. I do a flying kick to its nose, which it really didn't appreciate, and then dropped under its swiping claws. On the lower shelf, had to shelves near each other of varying heights, I grabbed a Godfilla toy and directed it at the monster...

...and it actually belched out gouts of flame that drove it back.

This wasn't the classic Godzilla, more the Matthew Broderick version. Which is weird cuz while I did like that movie I never owned any of the toys from it.


The monster, fleeing the flames, gets back into the television. I settle down on my bed to watch and it switches channels, by itself, to a scene where 2 really hot girls are laying facedown, wearing little and flexing their buttcheeks. As before, suddenly they're in my room with me and I'm on them and they're very receptive to this.

As usual, anytime sex works its way into a dream, I woke up before anything significant could happen.

The really weird thing is that I never had a television in my room in that house.

Sep. 12th, 2009

Thor - getting righteous on your butt


hate when that happens

10:44 AM 9/12/09 · It happened again, fell asleep dressed with the lights on. What I dreamed during that mostly escapes me but a little before I woke up I was running an NCIS scenario where the team was trying to recruit a failed sailor who was hoping to get into the FBI. It was in San Francisco but still the NCIS crew that's based in Washington DC.

Woke up and the sun was still down. Got undressed, killed the lights, and just rested. It was like 6am and there was the faintest glow that suggested the sun was down but it was beginning to peek. Honestly didn't expect to sleep anymore but I was out pretty quick.

It was a bar...somewhere. Thor was there and it kinda had a German pub feel to it, at the very least a Harry's Hofbrau, and things were merry. At some point Thor flung his hammer and it got stuck in a wall. He called it back to him and then motioned to this kid seated by the door. He said "Connor." (kid did look just like the one from Angel the Series) "Connor, I shall give you a great gift."

He waved the hammer and the boy was transformed into a man. A powerful form, worthy of Thor, with dark rainment with gold trim. Thor looked on him and said "I dub you Hitler of all of Europe!"

I forced myself awake from that. Don't have a clue what brought that on.

Aug. 31st, 2009




So I had this dream last night...

Me and some friends and family are on our deck watching as huge metallic purplish orbs are in the sky. We are taking pictures with our cell phones and cameras. Suddenly I have a vision of a crow eating some dead grass and I am aware that there is a single piece of straw hidden somewhere within. I tell the crow to eat the straw and I hear, "No." Suddenly a huge windstorm breaks out and I realize the deck is about to collapse. I wonder if the orbs are responsible. I shout for everyone to get inside and after finally hearing me (?!!), they do. But as I am trying to close the door I realize that there is some long haired demonic "creature" trying to keep me from closing the door. I try to fight with it but to no avail. I shout desperately for some help but they all ignore me until my sister finally does help me shut and lock the door. I black out. The next thing I know, the house is gone and we are in some grassy foothills surrounded by debris. We establish a retreat, finding food, using the raw materials from the debris to rig up rudimentary shelter. Eventually, more refugees from the mysterious catastrophe (which seems to have affected the world) come and stay with us. A female teacher who knows martial arts comes. We send out scouting parties and get guns and other materials to expand our settlement and hunt meat for the newcomers and, I fear, defend ourselves against other hungry not-so-well-off migratory bands. Eventually I begin to fear that people may try to extort food from us by forming such bands and getting more guns and threatening us. One day lots of classy women in black dresses and a homosexual army officer come and my mother rigs up a microphone system to explain "the situation" to them all. I take my place among them. We learn that our "northeast" retreat is gaining recognition as some form of media has emerged after the disaster. Later we find television trucks with crews and cameras sneaking around filming us. We summarily hold them at gunpoint and destroy their film and salvage their equipment. I wake up...

Aug. 25th, 2009

2 - I didn't quite get hear that



9:46 AM 8/25/09 · This past weekend I was having a fairly disturbing dream but I don't remember the full details of that...or much of anything really. However, when I woke up it was to a dachsund, not sure how you spell it but one of those lengthy little hotdog dogs, nuzzling up and licking my face. That was really cool but a little confusing as I don't own one but I was clearly home...

...and then I woke up again.

The whole lucid dreaming thing allows me to know when I'm dreaming. Think this was the first time I woke from a dream and into another one. What's really odd is that when I woke up into that other level of the Dreamscape...I actually thought I was awake.

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