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polor_bears in dreamscape_talk

whats up i just joined this group

hello? hello? is this thing on?

anyways ive really been trying to remember my dreams latley so i figured i could write em down in my trusty livejournal. the only problem is that im the last person i know that still uses this thing. but yeah, i would really like some feed back

i cant really remember how this one started but we pulled up to my moms moms house in the woods. and she met us outside, lots of laughing and greeting in this washed out old house. i was with my family and some other family of american descent. they wore baseball caps and fanny packs + Bermuda shorts. i dont recall much of what happened in the house but after i helped nanny find the milk in the fridge we started laughing and joking and more joking and it all made sense. the narrator starts saying stuff like and thats when i realized that he wasn't dumb just from another time, (wonder years stuff) our relationship gets better. i go up to grandpas room,not my grandpa, and he i laying down in the bed covered by blankets and stuffed animals. i think he is dead but he says something. suddenly two little kids run in and start making a mess throwing stuff on the mantle around. they take the rocks that were carefully placed off the dresser and throw them out the window. i say to them those weren't rocks those were memorys. they dont care but it makes them quieter. i tell grandpa about the story of the old house where they used to live and how i saw a ghost there. the kids dont believe me but he does and he respected that ghost and he says that theres a ghost in here too. the kids dont believe either.we finally go downstairs but no one wants to leave as we are saying by to gma and gpa. i think we are overstaying our welcome but no one seems to notice. all of a sudden these long strands of webs come down from the trees, millions of them, everybody looks up to see millions of tarantula coming down the webs.obviously everybody freaks and runs for the cars. this is the work of ghosts. i see the john Goodman looking dad crushing a bunch of them in his hands. now that i think about it the spiders kind of looked like bad 80s special effects. some were real but a lot didnt move right i think they were rubber. we all get inside our cars and leave. the ghosts tricks worked.
we drive across vast landscapes. an orange sunset lake. a blue mountain lake. silver desert at night. on and on and on tell we get to a green man made lake the size of a foot ball field in a small stadium like for high school football. next to the field is a small alligator pen like in sea world. in the lake are people, but these are not everybody just the "extreme" athletes aka some cool kids.our familys sit on the sidelines to watch. there are large creatures under the water but i cant really see them. i look at my bench and see a plastic tube pinched and a little bit more heavy on one end. just for a laugh i throw it into the water. it belly flops and nothing happens. we all laugh but the tube fills with water but keeps a little bit of air in it so when it goes under it shoots back out again on its own. its like a sine wave. it gets higher and higher. everybody is amazed and i like it so much that i swan dive into the water. i get "the thing" and swim over to the cool kids to hang out. under the water green clear water are huge manta-rays and sharks and whales but im not scared. i think it looks awesome. the people im hanging out with all think my thing is really cool and we play with it for a long time. some of the girls are really cute punker type chicks. we are there for a long time just hanging and playing with the thing. we are really becoming very fast friends these people get me. my dad comes over to talk to me. he says "i know you were going to emt school. a lot of rich people have high school degrees, a select few ceos have college degrees but the president has one for sure." i take this to mean that he isnt ok with where im hanging out but whatever. one of the guys asks me if i like otters. i say i dont really that i like the thing a lot more and throw it into the water. he looks a little disappointed and brings out an actuall otter holding it like a baby. i have to admit its really cute so i pet it for a while before they let it into the lake. i party with these people for a long time and they let me into their world of made up extreme sports. like skimboarding backward around very twisty oiled roads while pulling a guy on a snowmobile behind you. very dangerous but very fun. we party every where. an orange tinted beach other tinted areas and places and i always bring "the thing". finally we are at this two story washed out beach place similar to gmas house. its not though its a bar kind of place. everybody is all depressed because my grandmas dying and im not at the funeral. we are all super drunk and i cant show up like this. one of the girls shouts that she would have gone but then one of the other ones says no you wouldn't. we put on this movie on the projector and it is basically my dream from start to finish only i dont know it at the time. me and everybody else are completely taken in by the movie. we think we are living in it. the dream goes through the story i just wrote down and when it gets to the end where everybody is fighting about how the grandma named marco is dying, i step out on the screen and just say "my name is marco and i wrote this movie" as huge typewriter buttons are superimposed on the screen at every word i spoke. and all of a sudden it clicks with everyone that it was just a movie and then i wake up