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I'm shocked

evilgrins in dreamscape_talk

I seriously neglect this community...

...but so do all of you.

1) My friend Itty BittyMichele was working as a stripper/hooker and was much taller than she normally is...but still short. Amazing dancing act, but the one time I viewed her with a client out behind the club was disturbing. The had sex and he was holding a baby in one arm and the other arm was braced on a crutch. Then the guy finishes off in her, uses the crutch to do her some more, and then brings the sticky end around to feed the baby.

Dreams like this do little for my sanity.

2) I've been having troubles with one of the teeth in my mouth, which is neither here nor there other than the fact my Sister was in this dream and I happened to look into her mouth, which stretched to ginormous proportions for a better view, and she had teeth all over the place. In the middle of the roof of her mouth, under her tongue, on her tongue, along the sides, etc.

I brushed quite thoroughly after I woke up.

3) The specifics are a little fuzzy but I suspect this was brought on by KevinniveK asking my Mom to bake him a cake. She wasn't around but it was the kitchen in the old house, kinda hybridized with the current one, and I was doing the baking. He was there and being a pest and while I don't recall all else he did, at some piint he started sweeping all the flour to the floor. I stopped what I was doing, pulled off the apron, and told him he could go fuck himself and to get the fuck out of my house.

He laughed.

So, I picked him up to haul him outside and discovered that apparently dream KevinniveK is much heavier than the real world version.

Dream #1 was the last one of a bunch I had before awaking Tuesday morning. 2 & 3 hit me back to back as little 5 minute stretches before I finally conked out Tuesday night. Somewhere between there and Wednesday morning I was apparently taking care of my niece, again in the old house, when some nasty pedophile with a hook tried to get in the car and steal her from me.

How he got in the garage I dunno.