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hopelessly crappy day

evilgrins in dreamscape_talk

fell asleep fully dressed with the lights on again

Dreams were a little closer to my head then I usually get with these conditions. There was a little Burn Notice, a little 007, and Jack Nicholson (much younger) as the bad guy. A volcano erupted outside, ash smells great but tastes horrible, of a massive hotel complex. When I got back inside it turned into an episode of Married with Children...or at least something with Al Bundy in an armored suit consisting of blue trash bags, a bucket over his head, and stinky feet release valves as a weapon.

On a random note, I had sex in the dream. Yeah, as I've said I have odd wet dreams that when sex starts I tend to wake up immediately. Damned annoying! However, last couple months I haven't been waking up immediately. Still dealing with messed up shit though, condoms being used in the dream but not put on properly.

Almost felt like the lady put it on me by laying it sideways over the top but not actually putting it 'on' me.


Your dream

Here is what sex means in dreams:
Sex in dreams symbolizes that you are starting to accept your sexual urges and hurts.

So, that probably means that when you woke up, you did not want to accept your urges. But now, you are starting too.


...I'm a complete slut. I accepted them ages ago.